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wip: seahawk nillas, garter squish blanket

Here’s what I find are hands-down needs for me as a knitter, at least for right now anyway. I absolutely need a pair of socks in progress at any given time. I need a mindless scrap-eating blanket knit going on in the background. These are two such WIPs I’ve got going on to preserve the natural and right order of life in this apartment: This would be a pair of plain stockinette socks made from my first-ever purchased skein of Manos Del Uruguay yarn that I bought a year ago in my new favorite LYS, The Nifty Knitter. It’s in Issaquah, WA which is decidedly not local for my Los Angeles-based self but the pleasant, inclusive spirit of that shop is enough for me to hold off on certain purchases until I make the flight/drive up there. I LOVE the place. The hank of Alegria used was full of surprises. I initially bought it as sort of a joke. In Seattle, I show myself up as an Angeleno in a lot of ways, like calling …

fo : clarke, rhubarb show-offs

2017 has been a year focused on a lot of other things, like the surprising turn my career took, the first apartment I moved to (with a partner I never thought I would meet and grow with). I lost a lot of good knitting time this year being swept up with a lot of that but still managed to get a few things off the needles. The problem (?) with taking so long to blog about something you’ve knit is that it’s likely that you’ve already spent some time incorporating them into your life and putting them into use. pattern : Clarke Pullover by Jane Richmond yarn : Knit Picks Swish Worsted in Cobblestone Heather and Garnet Heather needle : US 6, 7 [4-4.5mm] size : 40 My Clarke sweater’s already a little rough around the edges. I haven’t really felt the push to block the garment to make this look as attractive as possible for the blog, I hardly even wove the ends in! As soon as it was bound off I wore it …

wip : gd

GD is 53″ wide and about 57″ long now! I’m getting so impatient about finishing this blanket that I’m closing up the bottom edge and single crocheting the sides to feel like more ‘finishing’ is getting done I found a few skeins in an old plastic bag in a closet, so it’s not time to bind off just yet.

wip: gd, slide, scrapsocks

I haven’t posted about GD in a little while, and it’s mostly been because I work on it extremely infrequently. I’m extremely grateful to the two kind ravelers who sent me their scraps, because therapy-knitting them these last few weeks (last week especially) had been a simple process. GD has grown to be 53in(~135cm) thanks to all your yarn scraps! That’s about underarm height for 5’9″ me, so I’ve still got a ways to go before it reaches a good enough length. I’m only a tiny bit anxious to see this bound off, but it’s for three little reasons here: it’s getting cold, and a trusty blanket we already use has had to be retired because it’s disintegrating the wealth of interestingstashprojects out there to cast-on I think I might be a product knitter If it doesn’t happen for another while, I won’t sweat it. It’s entirely gratifying to see how little stash I have to my name now (not counting planned-and-spoken-for stash). I’ve been unravelling the less relevant Bapsicrafts items (remember Ipod sleeves?!) to …

wip: GD

GD is very slowly, but very surely growing. It’s shaping up to be a charmingly ugly piece, and I’m just itching to see it become my indestructible go-to-way of keeping warm. Hopefully this hardworking set of 5.5mm circulars doesn’t give out before that day comes. About 10 months ago I created a thread in the Scrap Happy! Group on Ravelry asking fellow knitters if there are any worsted-weight yarn scraps they wouldn’t mind parting with. Willygal, Bigbadbrenda, and Sugarmagknowya very, very kindly delivered! I can’t thank them enough! Here I have the what’s left of the yarn they donated, all tied together and wound into cakes. 10 months later, GD is measuring up to right about 44 inches (~118cm), meaning it’s a little bit less than half the length of my bed. Here’s to 50 more inches of double-thick stockinette scrap knitting.