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places : solvang, santa barbara

Nick and I decided to celebrate our 6-month weekend by making a two-hour drive over to Solvang, CA. I took on navigating and shotgun-knitting responsibilities for the ride. An absolute burden, I know. Coming along with me were my Two-at-a-time Toe-Ups on the magic loop bought while on my stop in Ashland, Oregon. (I regret not properly documenting that awesome little LYS adventure!) It’s awesome to not have to worry about a tiny DPN falling right out of my project and falling into the crumb-filled crevice between the seats! Seriously people, if you are a victim of stopping mid-project to fish through crap for your lost DPNs, learn magic loop. It just might change your life. I’ve only been to Solvang once in the last decade or so, but distinctly remembering getting to feed ostriches. So when I saw this big obnoxious OSTRICHLAND! sign, we had to stop to feed those god awfully ugly yet fascinating living dinosaurs. The feeding bowl + dust pan combination is a little high-tech for my tastes, but I did …

wip: rhubarb + another stash acquisition

GD is a joy to see progress and all, but it’s past the point of being really hot and cumbersome now, so I’ve been gravitating hard toward this nice and portable kindle-friendly sock project. The Rhubarb socks are slowly growing, I’m pretty sure I’ll hit the 75% mark by the end of this coming week. I’m aching to get these off the needles and on my feet already. Metal or plastic needles might help lower the frustration level of this project, but I have this entirely irrational need to finish these socks with the same needles with which they were stared. That way it’ll know who’s the boss, right? Oh, and about that new Regia skein! A good knitter friend and I were driving over to a café for some sketching and she reminded me that A Major Knitwork was just a block up from where we were that very second. We just had to check it out. I saw that particular skein in those particular colors, and just needed to see those become a …

wip: GD

GD is very slowly, but very surely growing. It’s shaping up to be a charmingly ugly piece, and I’m just itching to see it become my indestructible go-to-way of keeping warm. Hopefully this hardworking set of 5.5mm circulars doesn’t give out before that day comes. About 10 months ago I created a thread in the Scrap Happy! Group on Ravelry asking fellow knitters if there are any worsted-weight yarn scraps they wouldn’t mind parting with. Willygal, Bigbadbrenda, and Sugarmagknowya very, very kindly delivered! I can’t thank them enough! Here I have the what’s left of the yarn they donated, all tied together and wound into cakes. 10 months later, GD is measuring up to right about 44 inches (~118cm), meaning it’s a little bit less than half the length of my bed. Here’s to 50 more inches of double-thick stockinette scrap knitting.

breakfast in vegas

a couple of weekends ago my boyfriend jason[visiting from england] and family went to visit close family friends in las vegas. i took a long while but here are a few photos of the actually family-visiting bit of the trip. we enjoyed some yorkshire tea with milk, took in that morning sunlight [there’s jason], and enjoyed some homemade breakfast [thank you frances!] after that, we went walking around and took in the lights and sights. most of my pics turned out blurry and stuff, maybe i’ll share them later? or maybe just visit again for better pics. little happened on the personal knitting front. i’ve been busy filling orders for the little shop or showing jason around. some recently stashed skeins have been waiting very impatiently to be used. these two were bought this summer for socks. can’t decide on which pattern to use, any suggestions? i’ve only knit one pair before, so a complex one might be a little out of reach for me, but i’m willing to consider anything. school’s coming around and …


behold, the amazing shrinking yarn stash! with the exception of stuff for my shop [those skeins are used up and sent away within the week],  i haven’t made any personal yarn purchases in a long while. it’s all been stashbusting and i’m proud to see the basket overflowing a lot less with each passing week! have you been stashbusting too? have you had any little victories lately, or has your yarn basket grown? do tell!